About Us

Alpacart is a company committed to work, with the ideal of providing all our customers with the best textile proposal. For this, we have highly trained personnel, machinery and equipment in order to develop and comply with the demanding quality standards.

This company is born from the diverse needs of the market, so that the consumer finds garments of excellent quality, with innovative designs, diversity of products, at affordable prices and above all that is to the taste of the client’s imagination.

This is how ALPACART S.A.C was born and constituted, having as its main activity the manufacture of clothing and accessories in all its varieties, whether for men, women and children, products that are to the taste, demands and needs of the public.

In this way ALPACART S.A.C begins its work with the commitment to spread to the different regions of the country. Not only that, but also constitute a new and important source of employment in the country.


We are a company that produces textile products of the highest quality, we have a variety of models, a high sense of social responsibility, promoting jobs, and helping to improve the quality of life of our employees.


To become a leading company in the textile market both in the national and international markets, differentiated by the quality of our products and variety of models by the year 2022.








Good working environment

Quality politics:

At ALPACART SAC, a company that supplies textile products and all kinds of clothing, made 100% in alpaca wool, we are committed to providing an optimal and quality product for the peace of mind of our customers, through the fulfillment of their requirements, with constant training of our staff, control standards, quality, and continuously improving our products.